Wednesday, December 26, 2012

LG brings sharper picture of its 2013 Google TV lineup launching at CES

LG brings sharper picture of its 2013 Google TV lineup to be introduced at CES
After hinting in a Japanese press release that it'll out a bevy of new Google TV offerings in 2013, LG has firmed up the details, saying it'll launch seven new models at CES next January. Those include 42-, 57-, 50-, 55- and 60-inch models from the upcoming GA6400 series, along with 47- and 55-inch Cinema Screen panels included in the new GA7900 series. All the screens will ship with a redesignedMagic Qwerty Remote, which uses a full keyboard along with "natural language recognition" via a built-in microphone. Together with built-in Google search functions, that'll allow users to find "broadcast TV or internet content with only one vocal command," according to LG. Other features include the OnLive gaming platform app, a home dashboard to display other apps and content, LG's PrimeTime Quick Guide for browsing TV shows or movies, and a full browser. There's no word yet about pricing or availability, but hopefully that'll be one of the many, many morsels of info we'll be grabbing for you at CES 2013.


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